HP makes some of the most popular laptops, and with good reason. It has great laptops for gaming and productivity with innovative designs, top-tier components and affordable options to cover any of your computing needs. HP 14/15 series laptops are one of the most looked for laptops consumers are usually searching for as it covers a wide range of laptops.

HP 14 is totally adequate for everyday stuff, like browsing the web to pay your bills or catch up on the news, or to print out your boarding pass for a trip to Grandma’s house. The specs don’t scream “buy me!” but we think the HP 14 will work just fine for most people.

HP’s 15 series has recently been added with a good number of laptops to deliver multi-functioning laptops. The HP 15 series laptops are innovative and best known for their speed, storage capacity, and portability. They are designed for the users with AMD and Intel 7th – 8th – 10th generation processors – AMD Radeon, NVDIA GeForce, and Intel HD graphics, 15.6 inch display, 1.75kg to 2.9kg weight, and their price range varies from Rs47,000 to Rs97,000 Pakistani rupees and sometimes even higher.

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