Desktop Computers have been in use by the customers long before laptops which are the more preferred nowadays due to being portable. However, Desktop PCs (Personal Computers) still have significant use as office computers, home use computers for the whole family to make use and even gaming pcs. Although gaming laptops are also available most people prefer gaming Desktop due to laptops being restricted by the compact size thus not nearly matching the power that of the computer and the flexibility in terms of components that pcs’ offer.

Desktops are relatively cheaper than laptops usually thus Desktop computer prices in Pakistan offer customers good value for money. People can even try and get the best gaming pc while looking for a gaming pc price in Pakistan under 30000 however, the lower the range the less powerful will the pc be. This is because powerful CPUs, Graphic cards (GPU) are expensive components to get. Further a gaming or even a normal pc needs necessary components such as mouse, computer keyboards, LCD, speakers, headphone and many other components. People who get a gaming pc sometimes prefer custom CPU covers with fans and lighting and other things such as a Computer webcam.

Desktop PCs also require large RAMs, SSDs, storages to run smoothly and not lag as applications and operations in PCs have gotten pretty hefty in terms of memory and storage.

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