Apple Laptop Price in Pakistan

Apple is a company that has captured the interest of people around the world regarding laptops. These laptops, known for their stunning designs and impressive features, are also very popular in Pakistan. Still, those looking to buy an Apple laptop may find the price a little low. My IT Store offers you complete information about apple laptop models and apple laptop Price in Pakistan.

1. There are Three Models of the Apple MacBook.

  • MacBook
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro

Both models are designed to be sleek, smart, and easy to travel. The latest versions of these laptops have all the necessary ports. Apple’s two MacBook models are targeted at different types of users, and their features and specs are each tailored to different audiences. Let’s dive deeper into the two ranges of Apple laptops.

1.1 MacBook price in Pakistan

MacBook is a high-end laptop in the Apple range, priced at around PKR 279,999 in Pakistan. It offers excellent performance and features, making it suitable for professionals who need the best of the best.

1.2 MacBook Air Price in Pakistan

The MacBook Air is the cheapest laptop in the Apple range, starting at around Rs 162,999 in Pakistan. It is a lightweight laptop with a slim design, making it ideal for people who are always on the go. However, its lightweight design comes with some limitations in terms of performance.

1.3 MacBook Pro Price in Pakistan

The MacBook Pro is a mid-range laptop in the Apple range, priced at PKR 227,999 in Pakistan. It offers better performance than the MacBook Air, making it suitable for professionals who need a laptop for heavy-duty tasks like video editing and graphic design.

2. My IT Store provides a wide range of Apple laptops.

My IT Store provides the best MacBook price in Pakistan. Including not only the simple MacBook but also the magnificent MacBook Airs, MacBook Pro, and all other models. MY IT Store provides the best MacBook prices in Pakistan, with branches in both major cities of Lahore and Karachi.


Finally, Pakistanis who value design, performance, and durability frequently choose Apple laptops. Although the cost of an Apple laptop can be quite high, knowing the various models and configurations that are offered can help you make an informed choice. You can also save money by taking into account variables like currency rate swings, import taxes and tariffs, and the location of a laptop purchase. Now that you are fully aware, you should be able to purchase an Apple laptop in Pakistan with confidence.


Q: Are there any Apple Authorized Stores in Pakistan?

A: No, there are no official Apple stores in Pakistan. However, there are several Apple Authorized Resellers in the country. Among these, the name of My It Store is at the top.

Q: Can I buy an Apple laptop online in Pakistan?

A: Yes, many online retailers in Pakistan sell Apple laptops, among which My It Store is at the top.

Q: Is it safe to buy second-hand Apple laptops in Pakistan?

A: Buying a second-hand Apple laptop in Pakistan can be safe, as long as you take precautions and make sure the laptop is in good working condition.

Q: What Factors Affecting Apple Laptop Prices in Pakistan?

A: Fluctuations in exchange rates, import taxes and duties, and the model and configuration of the laptop can all affect the price of an Apple laptop in Pakistan.

Q: Which Apple laptop model is the most affordable?

A: The MacBook Air is the cheapest laptop in the Apple range, priced at Rs 162,999.