Apple is thought to have been famous in the smart phones world, but the fact is that Apple was there in the computer world even when Windows came into being. Apple in the computer world is known as Mac, and this is why many people do not know the significance of it, as it is needed. With the progress in the field, Apple has successfully launched a number of laptops and notebooks of different sizes and features. And each model is self-explanatory and a reward to the eye. Apple laptop prices in Pakistan are also explicably high, like other Apple products. provides you with the premium Apple Laptops which does not only include the simple MacBooks, but the lavish MacBook Airs and MacBook Pro.

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There are two types of MacBooks: the all-powerful MacBook Pro and the budget option– MacBook Air. Both models are designed to be sleek, smart, and easy to travel with. The latest versions of these laptops have all the necessary ports. Apple’s two MacBook types are targeted at various types of users, and their features and specs are tailor-made to a different audience each. Let us deep-dive into the two ranges of Apple Laptops.